Room & Linen Spray Info

Air freshener and fabric refresher in one pretty spray. These hand-lettered, 4 oz. glass bottles look elegant and classy sitting on a bedside table, a vanity, or a bathroom counter.  They will enhance your decor, allowing you to beautifully scent your home and remove odors, while still looking great! Skin safe, phthalate-free.


Ideas for Use:

• This spray is perfect for refreshing bedding, kitchen and bathroom towels, blankets, and even the clothes you are wearing!

• Start a bedtime routine of misting your pillow shortly before you lie down to give yourself something lovely to smell as you drift off to sleep. Lavender is great for this!

• Freshen the air and eliminate odors in bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas.

• It also works great as an upholstery refresher for your car!


**These fragrances are fabric safe, however, you should test them in an inconspicuous area first, to be sure no harm is caused to delicate fabrics and to be sure you don't experience any skin sensitivity. Caution should be used when spraying near pets or small children.**