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Molly Brown, Grace + Bloom Co.

Hi, I'm Molly!

I'm the owner of Grace + Bloom Co, and the maker of all of the products you find here.

 I have learned that...


          ...to your mental health and quality of life.

When you're going through a hard time or having a stressful day, sometimes little things like cozy candles or fun bath products can make a huge difference in your mood, so I have made it my goal to create products that lift your spirits and give you something to look forward to.

For many years, I worked a very stressful job and most days the only thing that kept me going was looking forward to my weekly bath night. I bought candles and made bath products and lotions and lip balms to make that night extra fun and special. I'd have a glass of wine and play crossword puzzles. :)

When I got the opportunity to leave that job, I just knew there had to be other people like myself, who find their joy in small things that provide an escape, even just for a moment. And now the things that I used to only make for my own bath night, I make for all of you! 

Every product I make is specifically designed to make your surroundings cozier and more beautiful, to make where you are smell wonderful and look great, and that make you feel pampered, loved, and special.

Here are some things I love about Grace + Bloom: 

•  I love creating scents that evoke good feelings and happy memories! Sometimes having a candle burning while I'm doing something fun makes a memory that will forever be attached to that scent!

•  I love that the candles and melts I make are made from 100% soy wax, have such a long burn time, are free of toxins, and are environmentally friendly while supporting American soy farmers. 

•  I love that because I make these candles in my home workshop, my house always smells lovely, so I know yours will too. :) 

•  I really super love that I get to work with my daughter, Sierra Overby! She is the talented artist who does all of the hand-lettering on my candles and bath products! You can see her beautiful work on gift tags and logos and on Instagram posts. She works in the shop assembling gift boxes and keeps things running smoothly. You may have met her at live events in our booth. If you want to see more of her artwork and be totally blown away, check her instagram, @sierraoverby.art 

(I'm including some fun photos of us below.) 

•  And finally, I love getting to know my beautiful customers and I want to hear your story! So please feel free to email me anytime!


Instagram: @grace.and.bloom

Molly's Personal Instagram: @graceandbloom.co

Pinterest: @graceandbloom

Email: molly@grace-and-bloom.com

Etsy: GraceBloomCo





Molly in the shop where all of the products are created and where I spend most of my time!


 Molly + Sierra with our favorite fall coffee from Heine Bros

Sierra + I with our favorite fall coffee from Heine Bros. Walking to get coffee is one of our favorite things to do after selling at the market.


In the Grace + Bloom booth at the farmers market

We have the best time meeting our customers in person! Here we are at the Douglass Loop farmers market in Louisville, KY


Sierra in the Grace + Bloom booth

Sierra lettered our logo too!


never not being silly

Never not being silly :)


Molly + Sierra