Bath Salt Info

This 5-6 ounce bag of bath salts should make 2-3 baths, depending on how strong you like your scent.  Place your desired amount into a tub of running water. Be sure to remove all flowers and botanicals before draining to avoid clogging your tub.


Bath Salt Scents

LAVENDER & OATS: relaxing and rest-inducing lavender blends with whispers of chamomile and vanilla

CITRUS ROSE: soft pink rose with the brightness of lemon verbena, juicy apple, and warm sunshine.

BLACKBERRY BORDEAUX: Rich, dark notes of sweet red wine, black cherry, blackberry, and black grapes. Made with activated charcoal.

PINK SALT & PETALS: Pretty pink floral notes float sweetly over spun sugar

ORANGE DREAM: Refreshing sweet orange essential oil and creamy vanilla blend with a mix of nourishing salts for a lighthearted, summery bath. These salts smell like orange creamsicles!