Lip Balm Scents

Grace + Bloom lip balms are in oval-shaped tubes, made of all natural waxes and oils and flavored in fun scents!


HONEY LEMON TEA: smells like a steaming cup of lemon tea sweetened with honey, soothing and comforting

CAPPUCCINO: freshly brewed coffee topped with sweet creamery foam and a caramel drizzle

VANILLA MINT: In this invigorating lip balm, fresh, cooling peppermint essential oil is softened with buttered vanilla.

LAVENDER VANILLA: calming lavender essential oil blends with sweet vanilla

PEACH BELLINI:bubbly peach-scented balm. 

PURE: no flavor, no color, just pure moisture. All natural.


*The following scents are only available seasonally, while supplies last

*PEPPERMINT PATTY: smooth, warm chocolate with the bright, frosty bite of peppermint essential oil

*CRANBERRY ORANGE: sour cranberry mixed with sweet orange essential oil

*PINK LEMONADE: sour lemon and sugar crystals - tart and sweet and totally refreshing!

*ORANGE CREAMSICLE: sweet orange essential oil hugged by cool vanilla cream.

*COTTON CANDY: a pretty, sheer pink stick of spun sugar fun!

*WATERMELON: a sweet slice of summertime

*GRAPE SODA: smells like a fizzy grape drink or grape bubble gum