Facial Duo Instructions

Our facial duo includes a botanical facial steam and a detoxifying clay face mask. Both are made of all-natural ingredients with no artificial fragrance or additives. Treat yourself to a spa night - you know you've earned it!


By adding hot water to this botanical mixture, the concentrated herbs will release their healing properties through the steam it creates. The warmth will open your pores, allowing your skin to fully receive the benefits the herbs have to offer. 

Use this all-natural herbal facial steam to open your sinuses and warm up on a winter night. Contains: dried spearmint, eucalyptus, rosemary, fennel, juniper berries, peppermint, roses, lavender, and calendula.

TO USE: Place the contents of the vial into a large bowl, cover with 2-3 cups of boiling water. Drape a towel over your head to capture steam. Enjoy the gentle heat and aroma for 10-15 minutes as the herbs gently purify + cleanse your pores. When finished, apply your favorite moisturizer.

You can reuse the floral water by using a teaspoon to make your clay facial mask or by adding it to a tub of warm water and soaking for a while. 




INGREDIENTS: rose + white kaolin clay (a mild clay that absorbs extra oil and pulls impurities from your skin), bentonite clay (detoxes, absorbs excess oil), organic pomegranate powder (anti-aging, antioxidant) rose essential oil (anti-aging, helps with redness)

TO USE: add 1-2 teaspoons of mask powder to a small dish and add a few drops of water from your facial steam (or cooled green tea, witch hazel, honey, or milk) until achieving desired consistency. Using fingertips, apply mask to your face, massaging for gentle exfoliation. Allow to dry for 10-15 min and rinse with warm water. (vial contains 1-2 uses)